Crossing  of  Lenin  and  Karl  Marx Streets
Clicking over the image of the monument you can follow the change in its view during the latest century and get the historical data on it.

Hospital  No.  2


A history of this effective building is comparatively short. After the great Irkutsk fire in 1879 this place had been a waste plot of land surrounded by a fence. In 1912 a construction of the building for the Irkutsk Department of the Russian-Asian bank that had just been opened in St. Petersburg was started. In 1918-1919 it was occupied by the A.V. Kolchak government and since 1920 it had been occupied by Soviet state bodies. Since 1930 the building has been transferred to the wealth care bodies and at present there is one of the central hospitals here.

Photo by S.A.Chumakov, 1999.